Student Outcomes

Jennifer “Jenny” Amos, ABET Senior IDEAL Scholar, deconstructs student outcomes for assessment and evaluation of the attainment of student learning.

Jennifer “Jenny” Amos, Ph.D.

Jenny Amos is a Teaching Professor in Bioengineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She is a AIMBE Fellow, BMES Fellow, ABET Commissioner and Executive Committee Member for EAC, two-time Fulbright Specialist in engineering education (France and Brazil) and has won multiple awards and recognitions for her teaching and scholarship of teaching. Outside of BME, she has also worked to revolutionize the future of graduate medical education serving as a founding member of the new Carle-Illinois College of Medicine, a first-of-its-kind engineering driven college of medicine. Amos was a PI of the Illinois NSF RED (Revolutionizing Engineering & Computer Science Departments) research team leading efforts to innovate assessment practices for engineering toward producing more holistic engineers. Amos has a decade’s worth of experience leading curriculum reform implementing robust assessment strategies at multiple institutions.